Dr. Scopelliti Neurologic Lectures on CD, Neurologic Rehabilitation And Vestibular Rehabilitation SoftwareLectures on CD and Software for Clinical Integrative Functional Neurologic and Vestibular Rehabilitation

By Dr A. R. Scopelliti
Postdoctoral Neurology Lecturer and Author 
Neurologic Rehabilitation Software Developer
This Page Contains Lectures on CD and Software Intended for Appropriately Trained Physicians and Therapists.


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Dr. Scopelliti has lectured on various topics in neurology at the postdoctoral level, some of which have been recorded and burned to CD so that they may be made available to other doctors. With an engineering background from undergraduate training, combined with clinical necessity, software applications have been developed and written for use in diagnostic evaluation and management of patient with brain based disorders. These disorders span vertigo, dizziness and dystonia, as well as behavioral disorders including but not limited to ADD-ADHD.  These software applications are invaluable for the doctor or therapist providing neurologic rehabilitation or vestibular rehabilitation.

Lectures On CD

The Lectures on CD available include recordings of the live presentations made for each lecture.  The CD compilation includes the actual live recording, as well as slide presentations, etc.

Software Applications

The software applications available are useful for the therapist performing neurologic rehabilitation, or vestibular rehabilitation.  Each software application is designed to perform different aspects of neurologic rehabilitation and vestibular rehabilitation with your patients.  The software performs accepted protocols of vestibular rehabilitation in a standardized format and also with preset timed modules which you can set before each protocol with each patient.  It is now know that vestibular rehabilitation and neurologic rehabilitation are the appropriate and recommended treatments for the treatment of vestibular and brain based disorders such as vertigo, dizziness, dystonia, ADD ADHD and other brain injuries.

Purchase all three software applications at the discounted price of $800.

Our order form is in (PDF) format.  If you do not have Adobe reader, you can download a copy free at www.adobe.com.  Please print and mail the order form to the address listed on the form.

Otherwise, please email info@dcneuro.net for ordering instructions.

Product Information
Our neurologic software is available to appropriately trained therapists and physicians only.  We respectfully request that you honor this policy.

Dr. Scopelliti Neurologic Lectures on CD, Neurologic Rehabilitation And Vestibular Rehabilitation Software

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